Machine Descaler – Powerful Acid Based Descaler – 25L

Concentrate for Professional Use.

Acidic based cleaner for industrial use. Use in all types of glass washing and dish washing machines together with many smaller appliance machines that function using water boiling methods / steam. Suitable for use in washing machines, kettles, coffee machines, steam irons etc. Removes scale by dissolving calcium carbonate.

Can be used to clean up and de-rust metalwork prior to priming and painting.

Can be used on some floor types such as concrete, brick, stone and quarry tiles. Cleans mortar off brick work.

DO NOT USE on marble flooring, linoleum or plastics. Not suitable on non-ferrous metals!

Please note: acidic cleaners should be used with care!


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Key Features
  • Effectively & Rapidly removes lime scale, impurities and rust.
  • Rapid action
  • Available in 5ltr & 25ltr containers
  • Biodegradable
  • Cruelty Free


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