Vira-Care Broad Spectrum Disinfectant-Cleaner for All Round Use!

Vira-Care Broad Spectrum Disinfectant is a uniquely formulated disinfectant, rigorously tested to provide you with high standards when it comes to a powerful cleaning and disinfecting regime. Vira-Care actively fights bacteria such as Kennel Cough (AKA Bordatella Bronchiseptica) and MRSA. Viruses such as Parvovirus and Calicivirus are eliminated. Fungi such as microsporum species (in other words Ringworm) is destroyed.

When in use, our Vira-Care is a user friendly, non-irritant, non-corrosive and non-sensitising disinfectant. It’s safe to use on all surfaces and materials and does not contain alcohol, aldehydes, bleach, dyes, phenols or bulk fillers.

Tests: DEFRA General Orders Approved, EN1276, EN1650, EN16777, EN14675, EN14476.

Supplied in a 5 litre concentrate bottles, 25ltr Drums and IBC tanks.

Available in a choice of 7 fresh fragrances or Neutral if preferred.

Offers available.

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