Groomers Intro with Bacta-Care


Bacta-Care - Detergent Sanitiser Cleaner - 5L

Bacta-Care, concentrate, detergent cleaner and sanitiser for professional use. Once diluted, it is effective in destroying a broad spectrum of harmful micro-organisms.

Coat-Care Conditioning Shampoo

A modern Fresh Burst fragrance for professional use. Provides a high dilution of 1:45. Coat-Care Conditioning Shampoo – 2-in-1 to enhance and invigorate. Available in a modern fresh burst fragrance.

Coat-Care Animal Shampoo Cherry

An effective cleanser, dirt lifting and deodorising shampoo for professional use with a 1:45 dilution rate. Our sweet smelling cherry animal shampoo is suitable for all dogs and animals big or small, even those with sensitive skin.

2 x BioScrub - Hand & Body Scrub - 500ml

Bioscrub is a chlorhexidine based hand, body and pre-operative surgical disinfectant scrub specially formulated with added skin protection.

z 750ml Trigger Spray

Trigger Spray Bottle for adding and diluting cleaning products.

2 x z Ounze-a-matic Pump Dispenser

Dispensing Pump Measure for 5ltr Containers.


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