Price Increase Notification – as from 01 April 2022

Dear Customers

First of all, thank you for your understanding and patience during these difficult times that we are all experiencing.  As you are probably aware, over the last 24 months we have had many difficulties and many dramatic price increases!  Our main challenge has been in sourcing and securing raw materials and components for the products that we supply to you.  The prices on these are not fixed either; they are ever changing from month to month.  Until now, we have absorbed rising increases.

Here are some examples we have and continue to encounter:  –

  • sourcing and securing raw materials and components
  • transportation, distribution and fuel cost rises
  • electric and gas increases
  • cardboard increases
  • plastic container increases
  • Plastic Taxation Charges

We can hold off no longer!  We are left with no choice but to increase our product prices.  Increases will be kept to an absolute minimum and these will take effect from Friday 01 April 2022. 

Thank you for your continued support.

GHS-Direct and Team

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