Gleaming Horses with our Animal Shampoos

Our Animal Shampoos can be used on all animals big or small, not just dogs!

See wonderful Frankie the horse – before and after pictures below.

Before and After images of handsome Frankie, provided by our lovely customer Jane. She uses GHS Direct Limited GHS Direct Products and here she has used our Coat-Care Conditioning Animal Shampoo #ConditioningShampoo – Fresh Burst Fragrance, along with our BioScrub #BioScrub on the mane and tail. Stunning results, I’m sure you’ll agree 🙂 &

GHS Direct Limited Egyptian Knights Hera Care – #animalshampoo #conditioningshampoo #petshampoo #horseshampoo #crueltyfree #vegan #biodegradable #middleeast #Africa

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