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GHS Direct provides the most workable and cost effective solution for all cleaning and disinfecting purposes. Its products are supplied in a concentrate form which has environmental and cost-in-use benefits.

GHS Direct’s products are manufactured with protection of the environment in mind. The company aims to reduce its carbon foot-print, using recycled materials wherever possible. It is also keen to encourage other retailers, consumers and waste management organisations to adopt this policy so that real levels of change can be achieved.

GHS Direct is committed to the removal/non-use of unnecessary components that do not contribute to the product performance.

GHS Direct is committed to minimising its impact on the environment and that of its customers; evaluating the effects that raw materials may have and incorporating this factor into the final product formulation.

Customer advice in respect of cleaning methodologies is optimised to help create a lower impact.

Using the 3 R’s strategy: Reduce, Re-use and Recycle, the company hopes to promote greater environmental awareness.

As products are supplied in a concentrate form as opposed to ready to use, customers benefit from a longer shelf-life and cost saving benefits.

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