Pristeen - Dishwash Detergent

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Pristeen - Dishwash Detergent

Concentrate for Professional Use.

Pristeen is our top of the range dish-washing detergent product. This product delivers outstanding results with added de-tanning agents and lemon fragrance.

Suitable for any dish wash machine and may be used through automatic detergent pumps.

Size \ Quantity1
1 x 5 litre £17.85
1 x 25 litre drum £89.25

Please call for the price of this product, it cannot be ordered online.

Key Features
  • Available in 5ltr & 25ltr containers
  • Fast break action
  • Easily penetrates dried on grease and food
  • Effective built in de-tanning agents
  • Leaves crockery and cutlery sparkling clean
  • Eliminates any ammonia / unpleasant smells
  • Suitable in hard or soft water areas
  • Non foaming
  • Refreshing Fragrance
  • Biodegradable
  • Cruelty Free
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